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Ibiza – Cafe Mambo

My name is Michelle and I’m just an everyday girl, born and raised in the South of England, with a severe case of ‘Grass is always Greener’ syndrome. From the age of 18 I’ve tried countless jobs and career paths, trying to find something that fits, unfortunately nothing did and a consequence of this is that now my resume, resembles more of an autobiography rather than a two page summary, however on the plus side I’ve had the opportunity to experience 48 beautiful countries and all the wonder they had to offer.


Having no clue what direction I was heading, at the age of 19, the only thing left to do in my eyes was head off with a one way ticket to the furthest point possible and this landed me in Australia where I began my gap year from life in general, and this gap year then evolved into a sort of gap decade and now is heading for a gap half century, I guess.

Of course I have had to work a long the way to fund my addiction and this has led to some interesting job roles and some even more interesting locations. Along the way I have worked as a rep for Route 69 bar crawl tours in Sydney, been a waitress in the French Alps, been a masseuse onboard a prestigious cruise liner, the Queen Victoria, I then scored a job as a Flotilla Hostess, without even knowing what a flotilla was and this then lead me to what I do today, finally I found the perfect job for me as a stewardess onboard a Luxury Super yacht, travelling the world, whilst serving the rich and famous. Getting off in every port wether it be for two hours or two months, I want to see and taste as much of whats on offer as humanly possible.

Miami Beach – Florida

Since working on yachts, I have not only been lucky enough to find myself in some incredible parts of the world, but I also have a disposable income to go with it, as there are no bills to pay and this has enabled me to embrace my second love in life after travel which is eating good food, and drinking quality coffee and cocktails.

When I get some free time these will be the first three things I go exploring for, and I’ve found some truly amazing places over the years,  and now my mission is to document as many of them as I can, so I can share my great experiences with others in the hope you can also experience them.

I hope you enjoy as much as I have!

Wine Tasting in Palma
Snake Taming in South Africa
Cooking in Ubud, Bali